TC-15 Tree Chipper

DuraTech has harnessed the grinding technology of its massive tub and horizontal grinders and implemented it in the new TC-15 Tree Chipper.

With a 129 HP (96 kW) CAT C4.4 diesel engine and PT-Tech clutch, the powerful TC-15 can grind trees and limbs up to 15 inches in diameter. The TC-15 features a spring-loaded feed wheel with adjustable down pressure, an optional height sensor that automatically adjusts the feed roller to material size, an optional hydraulic gathering winch, and innovative hopper safety bars with easy and instant feed wheel shut off. Available with a pintle or ball hitch, this heavy-duty chipper is compact enough to easily tow anywhere.

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3" Pintle or 2-5/16" Ball Hitch

The TC-15 can be equipped with either a 3" pintle or 2-5/16" Ball hitch. Either hitch includes a safety chain and breakaway brake switch for added safety.

Patented Automated In-Feed System

The patented automated in-feed system sensor is located at the top of the hopper. After sensing the height of the log, the feed wheel will automatically adjust the feed wheel to allow larger logs to enter more easily.

360 Degree Rotating Discharge Spout

The TC-15 is equipped with a flexible discharge system that features a 360 degree hydraulic rotation and an adjustable chip spout.

PT-Tech HPTO Wet Microprocessor Controlled Clutch

The PT-Tech HPTO wet microprocessor controlled clutch has a 4 groove belt system. The HPTO clutch provides easy startups and torque overload protection for the disc, engine, and driveline. For maximum control and protection, the clutch comes with a clutch control interface.

Feed Roller with Adjustable Spring-Loaded Patented Automated In-Feed System

The feed roller is equipped with adjustable, dual spring-loaded down-pressure, which continually applies optimum downforce on material flow. The patented automated in-feed system allows the operator to walk away as the auto feed governing system handles feeding. It is also equipped with hydraulics to lift the feed roller if required.

Dual Control Panels

Control panels are accessible on both sides of the hopper. Each control panel contains an emergency stop button. An emergency bumper bar is also located on either side of the hopper for instant shut-off of the feed wheel.

Optional Gathering Winch

The optional gathering winch hydraulically helps pull larger logs up to the hopper. Free wheeling discharge allows for easier unrolling of winch.

CAT C4.4 Diesel Engine

With a CAT C4.4 129 HP (96 kW) and a PT-Tech clutch, the powerful TC-15 can grind trees and limbs up to 15 inches in diameter.

10,000 Pounds Jack

The TC-15 features a jack with a 10,000 lbs (4,536 kg) capacity.

40 Gallon Fuel / 25 Gallon Hydraulic Oil

The TC-15 features a 40 gal (152 L) fuel capacity and a 25 gal (95 L) hydraulic oil capacity.

42 Inch Chipping Disc

The chipping disc is 48” in diameter and 2” thick. There are four 9-1/4” knives in two locations on the disc. Four kickers help to discharge material from disc area. A convenient service lock pin holds the disc solid while servicing the knives on the disc.

8,000 Pounds Torflex Axle with Electric Brakes

The TC-15 comes equipped with a 8,000 lbs (3,629 kg) Torflex axle with an electric braking system.

Easy Access to the Anvil

The TC-15 is designed with easy access to the anvil. The anvils are made of 1/2” AR 400 steel plate and each has four cutting edges.

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Standard Options

  • PT Tech HPTO clutch
  • Adjustable feed roller
  • Accessible control panels
  • Easy access anvil

Optional Features

  • Feed height sensor
  • Pintle or ball hitch
  • Gathering winch


Engine CAT C4.4 129 hp (96 kw)
Gross Weight 8,540 lbs (3,874 kg)
Transport Width 91" (231.1 cm)
Transport Length 208" (528.3 cm)
Hitch 3" Pintle or 2-5/16" Ball
Tongue Weight 1,140 lbs (517.1 kg)
Jack 10,000 lbs (4,536 kg)
Axle 8,000 lbs (3,629 kg) Torflex
Suspension Torsional
Brakes Electric
Tires 10R 17.5 (16 ply)
Fuel Capacity 40 gal (152 L)
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 25 gal (95 L)
Electrical 24V
Lights Clearance and Directional
Transmission PT Tech HPTO
Chipping Capacity 15" (38.1 cm)
Infeed Hopper Opening 40" x 64" (102 cm x 163 cm)
Throat Opening 15" x 23" (38 cm x 58 cm)
Disc Size 48" (122 cm) dia. x 2" (5.08 cm)
Disc Shaft Size 3-15/16" (10cm) dia.
Feed System Hydraulic 2 Drum
Number of Knives 4, 2 slots
Size of Knives 4 1/2" (11.5 cm) x 9 1/4" (23.5 cm) 3-bolt
Down pressure on feed wheel Adjustable Spring Load, Optional Auto Feed Height System
Discharge System 360°, Hydraulic Rotation w/Adjustable Chip Spout
Safety Features Breakaway Brake Switch, 2 E-Stop Switches, 2 Infeed Hopper Light Bars, Disc Hood Closed Proximity Switch
Frame Size 3" (7.6 cm) x 5" (12.7 cm) x 1/4" (0.64 cm)